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Ruth: Taking Back the Light

The Backstory
Ruth absolutely loved her Los Angeles apartment...until the building's management decided to 'upgrade' all the homes with wall-to-wall carpet. She wasn't thrilled with the color or texture they chose, but more importantly, its muted gray tone pulled the light out of what had been a bright and cheerful room. Ruth found herself avoiding her living room. Finally, she'd had enough and called Floorplan to schedule an In-Home Rug Preview.
What She Wanted
Ruth is an adventurous spirit who likes to be reminded of her wide travels, displaying an eclectic set of souvenirs and folk art throughout the house. She has a strong sense of her own style and is able to quickly and definitively decide what is or is not "her." Her marching orders were to bring rugs that would help to brighten up the room, but they were not allowed to be boring or predictable. We dove into the stacks and pulled together perhaps the most diverse set of rugs we've ever assembled!

An Hour to Transformation
Not knowing what would appeal to Ruth's natural tastes, we picked eight hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs between 4x6 and 7x9 in size. Ruth had predicted a 4x6 would fit best, but without specific measurements, we wanted to have a range of sizes. (ProTip: most people tend to undestimate the size of rug they'll need. Typically, it's 10-20% larger than you expect. In the instance that you have a little extra square footage, it's easy to tuck further under the legs of furniture in the room).

Showing Ruth rugs was so much fun! Each rug was completely different than the one before, but surprisingly, she could make a case for almost all of them. Ultimately, she decided on a Turkish dhoku, a modern flatweave from Turkey that has a sophisticated field of neutral and pinkish tones, punctuated by dramatic floral silhouettes. They're a relatively new style of rug that spoke to Ruth's love of the unique. 
What Ruth Had to Say
I can't thank you enough for bringing all the beautiful rugs on Thursday.  Narrowing it down to three, then two and then the special one was not easy.  However, each day I know that you helped choose the right one.  My living room was a room that I passed but did not utilize too often.  The rug adds to the serene feeling and I find I smile when I see it. Thank you again for your assistance in completing my wonderful room.

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Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.