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Megan + Steve: A Rug for Baby

Floorplan Rugs In-Home Preview for Megan + Steve
The Backstory
As pros paid to imagine what's next for the auto industry, Megan and Steve are used to thinking about the future, and designing the room they wanted for their first child was no different. Whether a luggage rack upcycled as a base for baskets or a two-sided, organic mattress meant to last for years, they were seeking wares they would grow into, not out of. They wanted a rug that would do the same thing, and they turned to Floorplan's In-Home Rug Preview for help.
You may be thinking, a hand-knotted rug in a nursery?! Yes! This kind of handmade rug was designed to withstand the chaos of an active life, and can generally be spot-cleaned, thoroughly cleaned by professionals and even repaired.
What They Wanted
When it came to the rug itself, Steve and Megan wanted something unique, handmade with natural fibers like wool or cotton, and that would hold up with different kinds of furniture should it find a new home in the future. They weren't wedded to any particular style, so we had a pretty large playing field. We asked them to download the app MagicPlan to quickly and easily take measurements of the room and email them, along with a photo of the room, so we could get to selecting. We then scheduled a time for their In-Home Preview.


Floorplan In-Home Rug Preview: Megan + Steve
Floorplan Rugs In-Home Preview for Megan + Steve Floorplan Rugs In-Home Preview for Megan + Steve

An Hour to Transformation
We picked five 8x10 hand-knotted rugs in an array of color ways and styles to showcase. It wasn't long before they homed in on the singular and beautiful Dragon's Breath and Lotus Flower Hand-Knotted rug —It struck just the right balance for a boy or girl, the palette played well with the vibrant colors of the toys and books lining the nursery, and they could see it nicely fitting in other settings. Huzzah! We had a winner.


Floorplan Rugs In-Home Preview for Megan + Steve
Floorplan Rugs In-Home Preview for Megan + Steve
What Megan Had to Say
You guys have some of the most amazing rugs I've ever seen, and you know more about rugs than anyone I've ever met or anyone who has tried to sell me one. You have an eye for space that can help make a room feel complete, not just "have" a rug in it. I have total confidence that what you're selecting/buying/selling is unique, interesting, fantastically-made, and will last for the rest of my life. And I'm stoked because now we have an awesome baby room rug that the kids can drool on, lego on, have accidents on, play dream phone on (or whatever the modern version is), and will be something that eventually they'll fight over as adults when they're building their own homes, and I may... not give it to them. :-) We'll see...

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Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.