There’s a story beneath your feet,
and we want you to help us tell it

Rug Your City glyphs
Rug Your City glyphs
Rug Your City glyphs
Rug Your City glyphs

Hand-made rugs — "oriental rugs" – tell
incredible stories of place and people

For those well versed in the visual language of rugs, the colors, shapes, sizes and details reveal the local plant-life, cultural beliefs, and prominent historical events.

But these are old stories

Where are the rugs that reflect a modern City in 2016?
What story of Los Angeles do we tell in lines and shapes, and textures beneath our feet?

These are the stories we
want you to help us to tell

The Backstory

We launched RugYourCity in 2015, when we invited colleagues in design and architecture to interpret New York City as a rug design. We received five final submissions — all unique perspectives on New York — and successfully funded their production on Kickstarter.

Now, while those designs are being woven and knotted, we are moving on to the second Design Challenge for RugYourCity, and we let our Kickstarter backers choose its focus. This time, our sights are set on Los Angeles.

How It Will Work

*We reserve the right not to post or consider any rugs that we deem obscene, offensive, infringe on copyrighted material, would prove too costly to produce or are incompatible with handmade rug format. Be sure to read the Rug FAQs to insure your design meets the requirements.

Winners will receive

Rug Your City price1


with their design

Rug Your City price2

7% of sales
of their design

sold through Floorplan locations and on

You must submit

  • Your unique design
  • Your unique design

    A design completely of your own creation for a 6x9 rug, using one of the provided templates as a format. It must provide in an editable format AND as a PDF or image file.

    For consideration
    • Final designs will be modified in order to be applied to a range of sizes. Our team will work with winning designs to make the adjustments, but keep in mind how your design might scale up or down to other sizes AND proportions (Will it tile? Grow and Shrink? Add or Subtract Elements?).
    • The designs selected will be produced as hand-knotted or hand-woven rugs.
    • The rugs will be made of natural fibers like wool, bamboo silk, nettle, cotton.
    • Be sure to include any details regarding the finishing, such as the border and fringe
  • The story of your design
  • The story of your design

    • A title for your design (max 30 characters).
    • A description of your design and why it reflects an aspect of Los Angeles (max 500 characters).
    • 3 images that inspired/support your design. 1000 x 1000 jpegs. You must have the right to share/publish these images.
  • Contest documents
  • Contest documents

    • Signed copy of agreement regarding contest rules and production.
    • By submitting, you attest that you have the right to use the graphics and images you submit.

By July 15th, 2016

Submit your design

Be inspired

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