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Donna: Painting the Floors Red

Floorplan Rug In-Home Rug Preview
The Backstory
Donna had finally found the condo she'd been looking for: a West Hollywood 2-bedroom with an open kitchen and living area perfect for entertaining. As a plus, it featured pristine wood floors and an abundance of natural light. The only thing lacking was the coziness found in small details of a space that has truly lived. Donna decided that a handmade rug was the best way to add some warmth and serendipity, but was unsure what would work best in such a clean and modern space. She scheduled an In-Home Rug Preview with Floorplan.

What She Wanted
Donna was looking for something that would add eclectic flare but be versatile enough to harmonize with what she has now and the furniture she plans to introduce in the future. She loves a good story and is drawn to handmade goods with a rich history, and she wanted something as bright and bold as her warm personality.

An Hour to Transformation

We went straight for the bright colors for Donna: contemporary rugs with red accents from India, vivid flatweaves from Pakistan, and patchwork pieces crafted from vintage kilims in Turkey. All of them brought something different to the room. Although Donna's dog Benny went straight to sleep on the Pakistani flatweaves (clearly his pick), Donna fell in love with the patchwork. She loved that its many colors and patterns pulled the room together form afar, and that there was always more to discover in the designs when looking at it up close.

Next up was Donna's bedroom. She wasn't sure she was going to get a second rug, but while we were there she insisted on seeing what one would look like under the bed. The Indian flatweave made from wool and recycled sari (the red is the sari!) worked perfectly and fit within her budget — success!

What Donna Had to Say
If you are looking for amazing rugs then you must meet Erin and Mehmet. Not only do they know their stuff but the have an amazing selection to choose from whether you are looking for something traditional, vintage or contemporary they have the best rugs! I highly recommend getting your next rugs from Erin and Mehmet.

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Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.