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Funded on Kickstarter! Rug Your City Sets Stretch Goal, Gift Reward

- Pilot collection of New York-inspired rugs will be produced.

- Stretch goal of $2500 earns backers a free photo book with pre-ordered rugs.

September 15, 2015 – LOS ANGELES – Rug Your City, a project by Floorplan Rugs to create handmade rugs inspired by modern cities, reached its $12,000 goal on Kickstarter today.  With 44 hours to spare, the company set a stretch goal of raising an additional $2500 before the campaign ends September 17 at 10:30 PST.  If the stretch goal is met, backers who pre-order rugs on Kickstarter will receive a photo book that captures the process of design sketch to finished rug.  All project funds will be used to prototype and produce the New York-inspired pilot collection and to begin development of a second Rug Your City collection.

Backers can pre-order the New York rugs in limited quantities at a discount off MSRP. Totes, t-shirts, posters and small collectibles printed with the same designs are also offered as rewards for pledges starting at $5. Nominations for the next city to be commemorated by Rug Your City are open until the Kickstarter campaign ends on September 17, 2015. At the discretion of Floorplan, a short list of nominated cities will be up for the backer vote.

To nominate a place, post your inspiration photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags: #FloorplanRugs, #RugYourCity and #RugInsertYourCityName (for example: #RugAkron.) 


About Rug Your City

Rug Your City is a project to revive storytelling in modern handmade rugs, just as “oriental” rugs have depicted the local life and culture of a handful of places for centuries. Floorplan has co-developed a pilot Rug Your City collection of five designs inspired by New York City.  If funded, Floorplan will fulfill backer rewards and rug pre-orders, and begin the design development of a second RugYourCity collection.

About The Rug Your City Designers

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About The Founders

Erin + Mehmet crossed paths in New York City in the aughts. Erin was climbing the corporate ladder convincing financial institutions to implement user-centered design. Mehmet was running a wholesale rug business and finishing his master’s in architecture at Columbia.  When the urge for adventure struck in 2008, they moved to Istanbul and started FourByNorth Studios, a user-experience design and architectural consulting firm to serve both blue chip and the burgeoning startup companies in Turkey and Europe. After years of helping other businesses launch and refine brands, they applied their team’s expertise to a product that they know well but is elusive to the average consumer: good quality rugs at reasonable prices. Floorplan aims to cut through the noise of misleading markdowns and rugs that look good at first but shabby in short order.


About Floorplan

Floorplan is an agile rug company dedicated to improving the experience of finding and buying great rugs. It specializes in hand-made and vintage goods meant to last: hand-knotted, hand-loomed and hand-woven rugs in natural fibers like wool, cotton, silk and jute. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Floorplan has a retail space at Urban Americana in the Zaferia Design District of Long Beach and is online at


Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.