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our customers during COVID-19


Well. Let's be honest.

This is not a position many of us expected to be in during the first months of a brand new decade. And yet here we are, all of us feeling our way through this new reality, trying to keep our sanity intact and our businesses afloat. We’ll be blunt: we’re a family-owned retail business in the Age of Amazon. We have a real-life physical showroom in Montrose, CA, called Rugpublic — Business is always challenging for local shops like our, but, recently, well, you know. We're doing our best to focus on all the moments of growth and connection we get to experience, despite all the trouble out there.

We know this pandemic has hit everyone hard and in unique ways. For us, it's meant closing our Rugpublic storefront for the past two months, paying our staff for the first 6 weeks as they stayed safely home, and now taking as much work back into our hands as possible. We have a toddler who's been a real champ about this whole thing, but is definitely pushing our productivity skills to their limits.

But here's one thing we've really noticed during this experience — we're all connecting with our homes in new ways. Us included. Furniture has been rearranged, new plants acquired, incense burned, daily — just a renewed sense of how important our homes are to our senses of security and well being, especially for our kids.  So while we've been dragging our feet the last few weeks as we waited to see what a phased opening might look like, we've been figuring out how to best serve our customers during this crazy time, while keeping everyone safe.


Top of the list: we're staying safe

We are a limited staff — our family and one employee — maintaining distance in our amply-sized 5,000 sqft showroom. We wear masks and gloves during drop off, delivery, and pickup, and we wipe down the outside of your rug with a sanitizing wipe. We'll leave the rug on your doorstep or place it directly into your trunk.

Free local delivery on any rug purchases

If you're within 10 miles of our Rugpublic showroom in Montrose, we'll deliver your rug for free, following all the safety guidelines mentioned above.

Contactless curbside pickup

If you want to pick up at our Rugpublic showroom, you can schedule a curbside pickup once you complete a purchase online or over the phone. If purchasing online, select "pickup" during checkout and we'll follow up with you to schedule. We'll bring the rug out to your car and load it into your trunk.

Pay over time

We're adding Klarna to our site so you have more financial flexibility.

Extending returns to 45 days

We know delivery services haven't been the fastest lately, so we're adding another 15 days to the delivery window for you to return your rug.

Offering discounted gift cards

We know some people can't pick a rug unless they see it in person. We don't want you to miss out on our deep discounts because our showrooms closed — for a limited time, we're offering discounted gift cards you can use in the store when we're open again.

Domestic orders only

Regretfully, we are not shipping any orders out of the US at this time.

We hope these efforts will make you feel comfortable and confident to shape your home into a cherished space. Thanks for listening and for being part of our community.

Erin & Mehmet,

Floorplan founders