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Keeping It 100: Our Pricing Policy

Floorplan Pricing Policy: Keep It Real

When searching for a rug, shoppers are often unsure what a rug is really worth. There are some pieces — either rarities or antiques or silk rugs — that can be very expensive. But most rugs should be in line with the prices of other furnishings you purchase for your home. In fact, the cost of a sofa is a decent measure.

 So you may be wondering, why do I see rugs priced at 15, 20, 30 thousand dollars?

One of the most common tactics in the rug industry is to markup rugs exponentially and then seduce with promises of big, big markdowns (we’re sure you’ve seen rugs for sale at 50% off or more). The problem with this approach is that it obscures what a reasonable price is for a rug.

We don’t believe in building in big markups just to give you the illusion of big markdowns. Our rugs are the real deal: quality, authentic, hand-made rugs. The difference is that are prices are the real deal, too.

We price our rugs based on what we believe they are worth: the quality of the materials and construction, time and effort to produce, the complexity of the design, where they were made. We want you to shop confidently, knowing you’re getting a good value for money.

If you see a rug like one of ours somewhere else but priced very differently, and are curious if they’re comparable quality, ask us. Send us an email at, and we’ll take a look and let you know if they’re comparable. And don’t worry — our aim is not short-term sales, but long-term trust. We’ll give it to you straight.

We’ve also written some blogs on typical rug pricing that you can check out for more information.

Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.