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Mehmet Bozatli

Co-CEO, Architect, Rugman

Like many first generation kids, Mehmet spent his childhood afternoons helping out with the family business; In his case, it was a rug store in the heart of Seattle's Pioneer Square. Folding and showing 2x3 handmade rugs to customers at a young age sparked his passion for craftsmanship, design and entrepreneurship, and after graduating from Georgetown, he opened a wholesale rug business in New Jersey, specializing in fine handmade rugs from all of the world's major weaving centers.

Despite the business's growth, Mehmet chose to pursue further studies and earned his Master of Architecture from Columbia University. He later moved to Turkey to work on hotel development and co-found FourByNorth Studios with Erin. Now, Mehmet has returned to the industry in which he grew up, with his sights set on one goal: using his extensive knowledge of both rugs and architecture to help people transform their spaces.

Throughout both his professional and personal life, Mehmet has had the occasion to travel all over the world: from the mountains of Peru to the streets of Moscow and Seoul, he has immersed himself in the cultures and styles of all different kinds of people. It has made him an insatiably curious person and notorious for peaking behind curtains and opening doors marked Do Not Open. How does this help him as a carpet dealer? Rest assured he has left no stone unturned to find the best rugs at the best prices.