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Jesus Bergua

Design Director, Maker, Traveler

It was a chance (and fortuitous) meeting of expats in Istanbul that led Jesus to extend his trip and begin working with Erin and Mehmet on Floorplan. Originally In town to visit friends and help out on a new product's development, Jesus realized that his own perspective of Design as Change Maker aligned with the vision that Floorplan was seeking to create — and he jumped on board.

Jesus started out his academic career in Spain studying engineering, but quickly found himself drawn to the aesthetic aspects of design and course-corrected quickly. It turns out that his engineering roots were well suited for this new era of design, where understanding and leveraging technology to design better products, experiences and brands is a critical and sought-after skill — and one at the heart of Floorplan. Jesus is a jack-of-all-trades in the design world, constantly challenging himself to grow his domain.