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Antique Kilim Wool Accent 2'2''x2'11''

Kilim rugs are an iconic type of flat weave, with no pile and vivid geometric designs. This weaving method has been used for centuries, and modern day Kilims still feature the same split-weave technique. Affordable and durable, they are perfect for any household, providing a unique and vibrant touch to any décor.

Kilim rugs boast a striking array of geometric patterns, steeped in a spectrum of brilliant hues. Their design has stayed the same for centuries, yet their weave remains as bold and intricate as the first time they were made. Utilizing the "split-weave" method, these durable rugs are an affordable way to deck any space with a handmade piece.

Easily hung and stored, and with low-maintenance cleaning, they are the ideal choice for homeowners, interior decorators, and modern architects. Add a boho vibe, a splash of color, or create a cozy ambiance with one-of-a-kind Kilim rugs.

The thin pile of these rugs enables them to be layered together to cover an entire room with vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns, as is often seen in traditional weavers' homes. Perfect for decorating, they can be used as a focal point under furniture, an eye-catching accent piece in a corner, or hung up on walls.

Kilim rugs typically feature wool, cotton, goat-hair, hemp and jute weaves, though traditionally they're crafted from sheep's wool. Handwoven on miniature in-home looms, kilims usually have a narrow, elongated shape. While wider pieces exist, rugs over 6' wide generally consist of two identical kilims sewn together for a combined rug.

Kilim rugs are a versatile and popular decorating accessory enjoyed by homeowners and professional decorators alike. These one-of-a-kind rugs bring a unique finishing touch to any interior space, whether seeking a bohemian feel, a splash of color, or a more inviting entrance. Easily and affordably, Vintage Kilims lets you turn your vision into reality.

Type: Accent

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