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Confetti Hand-knotted Rug in Ivory / Multicolor Limited Edition

  • New York is the city of the epic, whether it's world-changing deals or world-class celebrations. Even the simple moments of everyday city life — taxi cab receipts, thank you bags, coffee cups, laundromat claim slips, and New Yorker cartoons— rally to create a vibrant, bright landscape that settles into a lighthearted pile at the end of the day.

  • Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao co-created "Confetti." Adam is trained in the fine arts, and Terri is as an architect. They are also the co-founders of CHIAOZZA, a Brooklyn-based studio designing and making playful objects for everyday life. They have produced work for Coachella, Hermes and OPening Ceremony and have exhibited in numerous galleries across the world.

  • Confetti is a hand-knotted rug made of fine sheeps wool and bamboo silk. Each piece contains between 300,000 and 1,000,000 individually hand-tied knots on a cotton warp and weft foundation. Each size is a limited edition of 10 pieces, and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Our in-stock sizes will ship on order, or be made to order. If the size you want is listed as sold-out, we have reached the limited edition of 10 pieces for that size and will not be producing any new pieces. Production times are 4 months for out-of-stock pieces.

Type: Rug

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