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Chants Wool Embroidered Rug limited edition

  • New York City is a place of many people, many histories and many voices. While the details of these lives diverge, there is common ground in the desire to hear one's own voice among the hum and harmony of this empire city.

    In stock: As of 5/1/22, Chants is in stock in 4x6,5x8,6x9 and 8x10.

  • Alvaro Calleja is the creator of "Chants." He is a designer eager to discover how it all works, how to improve the interaction with what is around us, and is inspired by geometry and patterns.

  • Chants is a hand-woven rug with a 100% sheeps wool foundation and cotton embroidered detailing. Each size is a limited edition of 10 pieces, and will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Our in-stock sizes will ship on order, or be made to order. If the size you want is listed as sold-out, we have reached the limited edition of 10 pieces for that size and will not be producing any new pieces. Production times are 2-3 months for out-of-stock pieces.

Type: Rug

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