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We clean & repair rugs

We offer cleaning and repair services through our Rugpublic showroom in Montrose, CA. Services are currently limited to Los Angeles and surrounding areas. 


We use a rigorous cleaning method of mild detergents and tested techniques to clean worn rugs, remove stains, and breath new life into even the oldest pieces. (More on our cleaning process.) We recommend washing rugs every 3 years to preserve their quality and color.

Turnaround for standard cleaning is typically 7 days.

The price is $5/square foot for standard cleaning; stain removal will be quoted separately upon inspection.



Worn medallions, torn edges, and ripped fringes don’t mean the end of your handmade rug — longevity and durability are some of the reasons to buy handmade rugs in the first place! Our expert weavers and specialists repair your rug to its original glory. Repairs are specific to each and every rug, and will be appraised by our repair team.

Turnaround times for repairs are dependent on the extent of repairs and will be quoted along with repair costs before we begin servicing your rug. Rugs need to be dropped off or shipped to our showroom, or we can provide pickup for customers within our Los Angeles service area for an additional fee.



Moved a rug to a new room and it no longer fits? Our master weavers can tailor your rug down to size so you can continue to enjoy your cherished piece.



No place for your rug or feeling like it needs a refresh? We’ll help you turn it into pillows, runners, or assist in donating it to charitable organizations.


Contact us at our Rugpublic showroom for more details


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