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Simple Tricks to Size

Don't guess to find your size; follow these simple rules

Finding a pattern or color you like is only half the battle — the rug you choose needs to physically fit within your space. And not just "fit." It needs to really settle into the space comfortably. This part can be particularly maddening, so rather than a long checklist of measuring to-do's, here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind.



You need the right tool for the job when measuring for a rug size. Get a measuring tape, laser or app. Don't heel to toe your measurements.


THE GREAT EXPANSE   To create an elegant  expanse of rug uninterrupted, select a size that sits comfortably  underneath every furniture  leg within the space.  

DROP ANCHOR   Determine the focal point — or anchor — of your room.  Measure the area to be covered  so that this centerpoint  aligns with what will be  the center of the rug.


FINE DINING   A chair should stay  on the rug even  when pulled out to sit down.  Typically, this is your table size plus 4’ in length  and another 4’ in width.

  SWEET MORNINGS   Wake up each morning to plush goodness underfoot.  The smallest size rug you should place beneath a Queen-size bed is 8’ x 10’


GO BIG   People are far more likely to  return a rug becuase it’s too small. When in doubt, go bigger.  What are you waiting for? Use the filter menus to find your size.


Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.