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Dwell on Design: Inspiring Spaces

Dwell on Design does bring together various design disciplines, but at its core, it's all about the space. A few of our favorites:


Make It Right and Method Homes at Dwell on Design LA
Method Home + Make it Right
It's amazing to see when companies come together to make something incredibly profound and impactful. Enter premium prefab builder Method Homes and Make It Right, an organization dedicated to providing quality affordable housing for people in need (and founded by Brad Pitt to boot). These two companies partnered up with the Fort Peck Reservation in Fort Peck, Montana to build  20 Cradle to Cradle-inspired, LEED Platinum homes for families living on the reservation.


The process included thoughtful collaboration with the would-be inhabitants, as well as design choices and production methods that make the homes practical and sustainable. Beyond efficiency, Make It Right and Method demonstrate that affordable and sustainable doesn't have to come at the sacrifice of livability.


YP and Justina Blakeney are Living Yellow
YP + Justina Blakeney
It's easy to get lost in the maze of a large conference. Luckily, there was a beacon of light beckoning at this year's Dwell on Design: YP's Living Yellow with Justina Blakeney. Its sunny disposition was literally beaming! Saturday was also a great chance to sit down with Justina, get your copy of The New Bohemians signed and take in all the LA local goods she used to style the space. 


Airbnb Modern Host
Airbnb Host Home
As a platform that's home to hundreds of thousands of dwellings, you'd kind of expect that Airbnb would know how to be a good host....and they do. Their installation at Dwell on Design let visitors explore what it means to be a modern host, from a cozy and expertly decorated home to all the little touches and generosities that truly differentiate Airbnb from the hotel experience. Some of the things we enjoyed most? Free coffee, a station to hand-hammer our very own key chain, and a board of recommendations from other hosts!

Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


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