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A German and A Merchant

European artists like Hans Holbein popularized rugs in Europe through art

They say life imitates art. Such is the case in inspiring Europeans to bring Oriental carpets into their homes.

If you ever wondered how Oriental Carpets became fashionable in the West, look to the work of German artist Hans Holbein the Younger. An accomplished painter in 15th century Europe, he was part of a small circle of artists including Oriental rugs in portraits of important political figures or religious tableaus. The rich textures and patterns piqued the interest and tastes of Europeans, and began a trend of naming carpets after the artists who depicted them: Bellini, Crivelli, Memling, Holbein, Lotto.

The interest might have stalled there — rich designs in oil on canvas — had it not been for the subject of another Holbein painting: the merchant. The wandering traveler who finds, trades, buys and sells treasures, and brings them to the people who want them.

In some ways, that’s how you could describe us: a group of people dedicated to finding amazing wares and delivering them to the people who want them most. We just happen to do it in a more flexible, modern kind of way: online, pop-up, at select stores, and direct to designers and retailers.

And unlike traditional merchants, we’re makers, too. Designers, architects, writers and tinkerers working to rethink how we design, create and sell rugs.

Erin Eisinger
Erin Eisinger


Floorplan CEO and Co-Founder. Designer. Storyteller. Entrepreneur.