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Sera Collection Wool Rug Red/Navy 8'x10'

  • The Sera collection takes some of the most iconic Persian designs, and recreates them both mimicking the traditional colorways, but also adding new life and light to modern colors. Using designs such as the popular Heriz, Serapi, Kashan, and more, these patterns were picked for their popularity and versatility in interior design trends of today. A perfect addition to your space in a timeless style that exudes refined taste and old-world tradition. High quality wool and high knot-count weaving round out this collection as new classics to add to your collection of fine rugs

    History of This Design: Based on traditional Persian designs, these are centuries old design traditions that are updated for todays home. Both old and new, these designs will work in many interior design environments, and have graced the homes of European nobles and Americans alike. Each piece has a link to villages and towns in Iran, and designs are many centuries old.

  • This rug was made in India

    India has become one of the hubs of the modern-weaving industry, with workshops and large companies focusing on quality control and new product development previously unseen in the industry. Building on their own history of weaving (the lightweight, hand-woven dhurry is a well-known traditional Indian rug), India has become a center for quality hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs. The vast depth of knowledge has led to a variety of traditional and modern rug designs, both inspired by contemporary art, old Persian and Turkish designs, as well as centuries-old Indian designs.

  • 100% Wool Pile on Cotton Foundation.

    Hand-Knotted: When people think of ÒOriental Rugs,Ó theyÕre usually thinking of hand-knotted rugs. But itÕs not the design that defines their quality; itÕs the way they are made. Each of these rugs is made up of millions of individual knots tied by hand by a weaver. This production method is rigorous and long: depending on the rugÕs size and the complexity of design, these rugs take between nine months to over a year to produce and require the participation of many expert craftsman. Herdsmen, yarn-makers, dyers, designers, weavers, washers, and sculptors (hand-knotted rugs have to be shaved down to achieve their consistent plush feel) are all involved in making these unique and long-lasting pieces. The method used to produce these rugs follows the same tradition it has for centuries.

    One might wonder, why not adopt new and faster techniques? There are alternative construction methods for plush rugs, but none that can hold a candle to the beauty, uniqueness and durability of rugs made in the hand-knotted technique. These are the rugs that last for centuries and can withstand the chaos of an active life; these can be cleaned, repaired, dyed and even partially re-knotted to insure a long life.

    Vacuum regularly: New wool rugs may shed yarn fibers. Avoid continuous exposure to sunlight; if they must sit in direct sun, rotate the rug to prevent local fading. If individual knots become loose, it's normal, but don't pull them, clip them with scissors. Blot (don't rub) liquid spills immediately with a clean cloth, using mild soap and water if necessary. For harder stains, we recommend a professional rug cleaning.

Type: Rug

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